How to keep fish safe in fish tanks

In this Oct. 12, 2016 photo, fish are fed fish broth and water at the fish feed station at a fish market in San Diego.

The fish are tested for parasites and other pathogens to be given to aquarium fish.

(AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)Aquatica products.



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(Photo by Chris Hall/Getty Images)A cat in a cage.

************CATS ARE SAFE ************A cat eating a chicken with a chicken on it.

(Image via Facebook)A kitten and a dog playing.

********CATS NEED TO BE CUT ********A kitten eating a rat.

(Courtesy of katiebriar) ************DOGS ARE SAFER ************Puppies and kittens are safe.

(Twitter via The Daily Meal)A pair of cats.

***********************************************TRAINING YOUR CAT ******************************************A dog training.

(Facebook via The Guardian)A dog walking a leash.

*****************************CATS AND KITTENS *************************A cat and kitten.

(via Instagram)A male cat and a female cat.

**********************************************************FIND YOUR CAT IN YOUR AREA **********************************************************************************************A male and female cat in their cage.

(Wikimedia Commons)A female cat and male cat. 

(Flickr via jason-hickman)A fox guarding his territory.

***********************************************************A CAT AT THE TOP OF A PICTURE ***********************************A dog is seen in his cage. 

(Wikimedia commons)A puppy is sitting in a box.

 (Flickr via cody-mackay)A cute little fox is playing with his toy.