How to avoid waterborne viruses in a waterless, sanitized life

There’s a good chance that even if you haven’t experienced a waterborne virus like coronavirus, you’ve encountered some of the symptoms of it.

And it’s a risk you’re taking on yourself, too.

Here’s how to avoid catching these viruses.1.

Drink enough waterA waterless lifestyle can be as simple as avoiding water altogether.

Drinking plenty of water, especially in hot weather, will keep you hydrated and keep your body hydrated, as well.

That’s one reason why waterless people tend to drink less water than water-wasting people.2.

Get enough sleepThe more sleep you get, the more likely you are to stay hydrated.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your body will dehydrate and lose fluids, which can lead to waterborne infections.3.

Eat more fruits and vegetablesThe water that’s evaporated from fruits and veggies will help keep your blood sugar and urine levels steady, and it’s the same reason that waterless food is better for you than water.4.

Don’t be shy about eating healthierAs with any health issue, water is one of the most important ways you can prevent a water-borne infection.

A healthy diet is one that emphasizes healthy fats and proteins and avoids the use of sugar and refined grains, and you should drink as much water as you can.5.

Get tested every yearThere are plenty of ways to keep yourself and your family up-to-date on waterborne infection risks, but you can always check on your water and electrolyte levels from your regular doctor or health care provider.6.

Donate to local water groupsIf you’ve found that water is becoming less and less of an issue for you, consider joining a local water-free group.

These groups are organized to help prevent waterborne illnesses.

These organizations offer free or low-cost water samples to help with the testing.7.

Exercise regularlyThe water you’re using to clean your house, yard or patio is important, so exercising regularly and avoiding water can help reduce the risk of waterborne diseases.

If possible, keep the water at a low temperature and drink from a hot or cold water source.8.

Avoid sharing personal itemsWith a waterlogged home or apartment, sharing personal objects can be an effective way to help keep the infection at bay.

Make sure you check your belongings regularly for viruses and other bacteria.9.

Get vaccinatedIf you’re at high risk of a water borne infection, you should be getting a water or electrolyte test to make sure your body is in good shape.

Vaccines for waterborne pathogens, including coronaviruses, are available from your local health care system.

But don’t expect to be protected from getting waterborne illness in a vaccine trial.10.

Eat healthierAs you move through your waterless life, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet, avoid sugar and other processed foods, and consume water from sources that you know are safe.

If those health guidelines aren’t being followed, you might be able to avoid the waterborne threat.


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