What’s on sale in Australia’s aquariums?

Australia’s top aquariums are selling out of its freshwater aquariums and it’s not a good time for those hoping to stock up.

Key points:AquaLabs Australia, one of Australia’s leading aquarists, says it has sold out of a wide range of freshwater aquarium supplies in the past 12 monthsThe company says the price of water products has been rising for more than a year in the US, Australia and ChinaSource: AquaLabsAustraliaAqua Labs, which operates Australia’s most extensive freshwater aquariums, has warned of a “global price shock” if the global food and agriculture prices are not kept in check.

The Australian firm says it expects supply shortages and a drop in demand in the aquarist’s home market to drive the shortage of freshwater products in Australia.

AquaLab Australia chief executive officer Richard Smith told the ABC that the global price shock could be the tipping point for the industry.

“If we can’t get more freshwater products on the market, we’re going to have a global price drop,” he said.

“The supply is not there.”

Mr Smith said aquarism had been “very resilient” during the past year, but there was “no silver bullet” to keep the industry afloat.

He said demand for freshwater was likely to continue to rise, but the supply would only remain in place if the price did not increase.

“There’s a lot of good quality aquarist-owned businesses in Australia that are looking for new business and new customers and they’re finding it difficult to find that,” Mr Smith said.



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